Adhering to the mission of “Serving in Hope” of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and the spirit of “in God’s Love” of our school, we nurture children to grow happily and to develop positive values and learning attitudes.


School Mission

The children will be able to feel and know God’s love for us in their daily life. We put into practice the five core Catholic values of truth, justice, love, life and family, and nurture the children to be tolerant, accepting, respectful and grateful, to understand that each person is unique, and to learn to thank God for all that he has given us.


Educational Goals

With a variety of learning activities and relevant life experiences, we cultivate Children’s inquiring spirit, active learning and exploratory attitude while helping them to develop self-esteem, to enhance self-confidence and adaptability, and to achieve balanced development. We put emphasis on establishing good home-school relationships with parents so that together we can nurture our children to grow healthily and happily.