To provide extended care services for families who need such services so that their children can receive proper care and nurturing and can have balanced physical and mental development. As such, parents can feel safe and put efforts in maintaining better family life.


Target group:

Children aged 2 to 6 who are physically fit and healthy.


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 6 pm – 7 pm / 6 pm – 8 pm

Saturdays 1 pm – 3 pm


※Closed on Sundays, public holidays and nursery school holidays.



Games and refreshments are available.


Reasons for application:     

  1. Parents or guardians are unable to pick up children before 6 pm due to work.
  2. Family members are unable to pick up children before 6 pm due to other difficulties or specific circumstances.


Application procedure:

Please complete the Extended Service Registration Form and give notice of the time that the service is needed. If there are available places on that day, the school will consider whether to accept the application on the spot.


Withdrawal procedure:

Please inform the school 1 month or 1 working day in advance for the withdrawal procedure.


Number of places:

14 places for extended services (per group).



$13 per hour

Monday to Friday $260 per month (6-7p.m) /$520 per month (6-8 pm)

Saturday $13 (1-2p.m) / $26 (1-3p.m)

Extended Service Application Form