To provide a safe and caring environment for parents in the local district who are unable to bring their young children with them when they are out for important matters.


Target group:

Children aged 2 to 7 who are physically fit and healthy.


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8 am – 6 pm

Saturday 8 am – 1 pm


※ Closed on Saturday 4 pm, Sunday, public holidays and nursery school holidays.



Games, art teaching, storytelling and daily activities (e.g. eating and napping) and care services.


Reasons for application:

  1. Parents or guardians are unable to bring their children with them due to important matters or unexpected events, such as illness, hospitalization, medical consultations, hospital visit, etc.
  2. Sudden departure of the guardian from Hong Kong.
  3. Any other circumstances that may leave the child unattended at home.


Application procedure:

Please make an appointment over the phone during our opening hours and bring along your parent/guardian’s identity card and the child’s birth certificate to our school for registration. If there are available places on that day, the school will consider whether to accept the application on the spot.


Withdrawal procedure:

Please inform the school 1 working day in advance for the withdrawal procedure.


Number of places:

3 places for daycare services.



$16 for two hours

─ additional charge of $6.50 for lunch;

─ any time over two hours is counted as four hours;

─ any time over six hours is counted as a full day.

$64 for a full day(plus $6.50 for meals)

$32 for a half day(plus $6.50 for meals)

Daycare Service Application Form